See the neighbourhood how locals see it

Powered by big data, Neighbourlytics’ proprietary technology gives citymakers real-time insights into the unique social life of the neighbourhoods they plan, create and manage. We have pioneered the use of social media and other unconventional information sources – such as reviews and ratings sites, travel wikis, mapping sites, and event promotion pages – to uncover what local people are doing, saying and loving in their neighbourhoods.

Since launching in 2017, Neighbourlytics has been identified as one of Australia’s most innovative ‘PropTech’ players. Used by property developers, government agencies, and facilities managers, Neighbourlytics is a fast, low cost, and scalable option for place measurement and monitoring. The team has been backed by BlueChilli Venture Fund, as part of their SheStarts program in 2017. 


We love cities, people and data

Passionate about creating neighbourhoods people love and feel connected to, our team has over 50 years experience in urban development and social impact.


Jessica Christiansen-Franks

Co-founder & Chief Executive Office (CEO)


Lucinda Hartley


Co-founder & Chief Impact Officer (CIO)


Gala Camacho Ferrari

Head of Analytics

Molly Connor


Project Insights Lead

Tyson Franks


Chief Stick Collector


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