social data for neighbourhoods.


Powered by big data, neighbourlytics gives citymakers
real-time insights into the unique social identity of the neighbourhoods they plan, create and manage.


Neighbourhood Snapshot reports:

  • Who visits a neighbourhood, not just who lives there

  • How people spend their time in a neighbourhood

  • What they’re saying about it,
    in real-time

  • How neighbourhoods compare
    with one another

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What is social data?

data created from unconventional
sources that are indicative of people's social behaviours & lifestyle choices


Make better urban development decisions, effortlessly.

The decisions that we make today about urban development will last for generations.

It's easy to plan for changes to the physical neighbourhoods like buildings and streets, but the social values which make places thrive are much harder to understand and measure.

Current approaches like broad scale market research and census data don’t provide the granular, local insights or community intelligence needed to make sure your project or development delivers real social value to customers.

Neighbourlytics solves this problem. We're a community knowledge and analytics platform that harnesses live data feeds to provide you with specific, real-time insights into the places you own or manage.

By understanding local community intelligence, you can make better urban development decisions that maximise your social value and customer satisfaction.

Add in real-time reporting, and you can simply measure the impact of your urban development over time, any time.


Understand what's special about Australian cities


In 2018 our team are developing a series of urban metrics to tell the social story of Australian cities. Check out the sneak peek to learn more. 


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