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Map of Australia with suburb results showing
A map of amenities
A map of amenities
A line chart showing indexed number of interactions for last 12 months
A choropleth map showing the percentage of visitors from nearby suburbs
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Find your accessible visitors

Map where your local residents can easily reach your location 

  • How many people can access your location within a short walk or drive?
  • What is the demographic of your catchment?
  • Know where to target your marketing efforts.

Discover the top reason people visit your location

Identify the local amenities which bring people to the neighbourhood

  • Find the local amenities which are most loved by the community
  • See how local parks and open spaces perform
  • Download contact details of local businesses and organisation

Find the high exposure locations

Look across your local area to find the busiest places

  • Capture hotspot maps showing the actual footprint of local visitation
  • Compare how hotspots change across the day or week
  • Look at historical changes across the last 18 months

Get to know your local residents

Tap into local social chatter to uncover what locals love about their lives

  • Identify locals’ favourite local activities
  • Which local places do people love the most?
  • See which lifestyle topics are unique to your local neighbourhood

Examine local walkability

Plot the walking catchment for any location

  • Map the precise walkable areas across a neighbourhood
  • Compare your site’s walkability to other places
  • Drill into walkability within 10, 20 and 30 minutes ranges
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Customer Testimonials

Heath Gledhill
Integrated Design and Precincts Capability Leader, Aurecon

“Neighbourlytics helped us see the community in a quantifiable way, with new information about popular amenities and gaps. This gave us new visibility into the local context, and helped us understand a ‘place’ in a more granular way, before diving into solutions. This in turn has driven  a richer level of innovation within our design teams approach.

Steve McGrath
Place Maker, City of Monash

“In a lifetime of social sciences I have never seen anything as good as the system you guys have put together… it’s a stunning piece of work. Grounded in solid theory, nimble in its analysis, insightful in its results and a very practical tool for us within Local government to respond and change things.

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