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Access social data for neighbourhoods, now

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See a neighbourhood how locals do, using social data. 

Neighbourlytics is a social analytics platform for neighbourhoods, pioneering the use of social data in cities. Our data helps city-makers across Australia understand the unique identity and local nuances of communities.

Our proprietary technology provides you:

  • Hyperlocal, real-time data about the social life of local neighbourhoods

  • Intuitive, interactive reports to explore and share the data

  • Results in 10 days, cost-effective pricing

Join this ground-breaking movement.

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Change the way you think about data

The best places are vibrant and complex. But how do you quantify urban life? The census is outdated before it’s released. Consumer research focuses on generalisations rather than diversity. And community engagement processes struggle to reach enough people to uncover local nuances.

Every day millions of Australians create valuable data online that paints a picture about the places they visit and what they value. Neighbourlytics harvests this rich, user-generated data to help city-makers understand the unique identity of the places they plan, build and manage. Learn more

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The simple reports give our local chamber of commerce members insights into business and trends locally. Social listening is increasingly important in the smart places conversation and Neighbourlytics is a really simple way to start this process.
— Stephanie Kelly (Manager - Place Management) City of Canada Bay, Sydney