How can I set up a specific location?

This post explains how to utilise the public and custom locations to get the insights you need.

Our platform provides access to data across Australia, but to get the best insights you need to set up the location(s) most relevant to you. 

Search and save the location that you're most interested in to access instant lifestyle insights. To do this, you can utilise the 9,300 public locations generated every month across Australia, or request a custom location. 

But first: What is a location?

Lifestyle data needs to be viewed across a neighbourhood. This means you need to select a small (ideally 3km2 - 5km2) region that will become the boundary used for the lifestyle analytics reporting. We recommend a 1km radius around your point of interest, but you are able to change this if utilising a custom location. 

Accessing Public Locations

Our system has identified 9,300 locations across Australia that you can access instant reports for. There are 3 simple ways to access and save these locations. 

WATCH: How to set up a location (4 mins)

In summary you can: 

1. Add a location on your Front Desk
2. Generate a report from Discover

Once you’ve found the suburb that you’re interested in, select the “add to report library” button, and our system will generate a report for a 1km radius around the busiest part of the chosen suburb

3. Select a location from within an insights report

A great way to save locations adjacent to your focus location, is to do so from within the Insights Report. Navigate to one of the maps in the report, and pan around to identify and select the nearby location that you’d like to save

Accessing Custom Locations

If you can’t quite pinpoint the area you need in the public locations, you can request a custom location

Once set up, custom locations provide:

  • Flexibility to choose the data capture shape and size (our team can guide you through this for the best results)
  • Data refreshed each month
  • Visible only by you and your invited viewers

Take a look at our FAQs to learn more about how to choose the size and shape for custom boundaries.

Need more than 1 custom location? No problem, contact us to request a quote to add on another location. 

*Note that all seats purchased after 1 July 2024 now include a custom location. If you signed up before 1 July 2024 and would like to add a custom location then contact us

Ready to get started? 

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