Earlville Shoppingtown
December 18, 2023

Earlville Shoppingtown

Earlville Shoppingtown

Project overview

To better understand the social life behaviour of catchment areas surrounding Earlville shopping centre in order to prioritise local tenancy curation and placemaking activities.

Most retail trade area analysis focuses on demographics or spend data, but that doesn’t provide you with the full context of the neighbourhood.

We know that the best local places are vibrant and complex, they are authentic, and offer unique experiences. But the challenge facing city-makers is how to measure the ‘urban life’ we are seeking to create.

Going beyond traditional surface-level indicators such as foot traffic, the Neighbourlytics platform was used to identify social activity hotspots.

Mapping the lifestyle activity across Cairns enabled the team to understand the unique lifestyle offer of the shopping centre, and how it differs from other retail precincts across the city.

The hotspots were then examined further to better understand the identity of local life, and determine how the retail centre could best cater to the changing local needs across the city.

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