Victoria's Creative Economy
December 19, 2023

Victoria's Creative Economy

Identify the precincts and assess the affordability of creative spaces in the region.

Project overview

Creative Victoria embarked on a project to uncover insights into creative precincts across Victoria. The aim was two fold: identify the precincts and assess the affordability of creative spaces in the region.

The resulting Neighbourlytics data analysis not only informed immediate strategies but also laid the groundwork for long-term government support of small to medium-sized creative industries.

Victoria’s vast geography presented knowledge gaps regarding the establishment and emergence of creative precincts. Neighbourlytics uniquely addressed this challenge by examining a diverse array of creative precincts across the state.

The platform provided a fresh perspective, revealing clusters and hubs of creative activity beyond traditional spaces. This nuanced approach considered engagement, events, and even informal meetups, offering a holistic view of regional strengths.

Data was collected from 50 geographic locations, encompassing both urban and regional centres. This sample included recognised ‘best in field’ neighbourhoods and emerging or declining creative industry precincts.

The analysis revealed that successful creative precincts were not only active but also characterised by high levels of engagement. Neighbourlytics provided a nuanced perspective on the popularity of these precincts, offering valuable diagnostic insights for strategic state-level planning and understanding the pulse of creative activities across a large geography.

The Neighbourlytics platform serves as a vital tool for decision-makers shaping arts and culture strategies for local governments and informs local-level groups seeking to understand the strengths and opportunities within creative ecosystems.

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