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What is lifestyle data used for?

Created by citymakers, for citymakers, our unique real-time data sets are used by anyone interested in place performance.

Typical questions answered include:

  • Who are the important local stakeholders?
  • Where do visitors come from?
  • Where do people spend the most time?
  • What local amenities does a neighbourhood offer?
  • What does the neighbourhood offer at night, or on the weekends?

Our users include:

  • Place managers
  • Asset owners
  • Traders & operators
  • Local governments

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Where does the data come from?

Neighbourlytics' unique data system is powered by real-time digital data feeds, including the following:

  • Presence data - where people move around and spend time, to reveal local habits at a neighbourhood level
  • Local amenities - aggregated from numerous open source mapping platforms, revealing the neighbourhood as seen through locals' eyes
  • Social chatter - public social media posts and reviews to provide insight into local lifestyle values
  • Accessibility - utilising the real world movement networks, our tools can plot accessibility by various modes

Unlike surveys or feedback systems - which rely on community members to directly input information - our data sources are created when people are using their local neighbourhood. This increases participation proportions and limits the bias that comes with 'feedback'.

What does my account include?

All Neighbourlytics accounts include access to:

  • Australia-wide coverage, and 9,300 report locations
  • Monthly data refresh - ensuring you always have access to the latest month
  • Vital lifestyle data tools such as activity hotspots, visitation, and amenities mapping

We have three access levels available.

Starter (free)

  • Access all our core tools
  • Easy sharing
  • Add-on or upgrade at anytime
  • Save 3 reports in your library


  • Historic data results
  • Temporal analysis
  • Download in CSV / PNG
  • Save 50 reports in your library
  • Discount to add-ons


  • Explorer Tool always on
  • PDF download

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